Why Dance with Us?

Our Trip is Groovy

Dancing is incredible and we make it interesting. We do not like to conform. Our program is progressive and open to change. We dig, learn and move fast. We stay up and always show up. We like to mix it up and have a lot of fun. We rave, scream, riff, punch, shake, pump and groove like a bunch of lunatics even after the lights go out.

The Science of Art

We are FSSA-certified. It means that we want you to hit it hard without hurting yourself. We have dedicated ourselves to our craft and it has taken us a long time to design our program’s regimen and dynamics. Every stretch, form, and movement is crafted to make your body push harder and work on itself without damaging a single muscle.

Variable Intensity Interval Training

VIIT Stands for Variable Intensity Interval tTaining. VIIT workouts typically incorporate high intensity(0-100% effort), medium instensity- (40-70%) and low intensity (20-30%) workout sections with optimal and adequate recovery periods between the sections. A by product of High Intensity which has been an industry- obsession for a while now, a VIIT workout is more efficient than its predecessor and gets the job done without causing injuries.

Methodical Madness

Without exception, our individual and collective journeys have been full of challenges. We have made a lot of mistakes and in the process, we have learned a few things. We share that knowledge and information with our people. From nutrition to lifestyle habits, we advise on best practices.

Also, we continuously challenge ourselves. We maintain a feedback-positive environment in all our sessions and our program has evolved, and continues to evolve, with inputs from our customers, instructors and hosts alike.

The session is continuous and there is no time to sit back and relax. We’re all in it together. We’ve all been there and we get it so we push each other harder to channelize our collective chaos into something better.

We pay attention and listen closely. If you have any history of injuries or any specific issues, we will tailor your routine for you.