The Program

Crank it Up

Crank it Up & Dance with us

The-F-SquadTM program is a 60-minute progressive and dynamic dance workout that takes you on a journey through different worlds and continually pushes your mind and body to elevated states of being. Each session is divided into carefully-crafted sections each of which is like a different world defined by its nature, culture, musicality and style. You will flow and move from one groove into the next and the transitions, that we fondly call wormholes, are designed specifically to prepare your body for the onslaught.

How it Works?

The program is a VIIT (Variable Intensity Interval Training) workout, the effects of which continue even after the session. You’ll be burning calories until much after you’re done. Moreover, the workout is infused into the dance routine. This method circumvents the monotony of a traditional gym workout and lets you focus only on dance, all the while increasing your strength, power, endurance, rhythm and flexibility.

From our estimations (and based on your body-type) you will end up burning between 800-1200 calories in the right places.

Sound and Choreography

Authenticity is important to us. Our music is entirely created by us and for us. It is tight, powerful and produced keeping in mind the structure and nuances of our routines. Though Prabhuram (our co-founder and one of our core squad members) is our in-house producer, we also periodically collaborate with producers and sound artists for creating soundscapes for the program.

Similarly, for dance and choreography, we draw from our influences to design moves that fuse well with the music and the goals of the session.