Frequently Asked Questions

For Customers

We are a dance fitness program based on cardio and strength training. In short, we do full body workout along with madness of dance.
We are different in the following ways-
  • We don’t stick to any one genre of music
  • We are a complete package of dance and workout, scientifically designed to suit individual bodies and making sure that injuries are prevented.
  • We are the only dance fitness program that’s based on VIIT(Variable Intensity Interval Training)
  • Our choreography is not bound by “no of steps, core steps, and so on” we give freedom to our instructors to choreograph their style of dance but making sure they are simple to follow by their clients.
  • We are not gender specific. It’s for all !

For Instructors

It’s a very simple process. We update our masterclasses and our training schedules on our website and all our social media pages. You can connect with us there and we will help you enroll either for the masterclass or the training.
We have made it very easy for instructors to pay for the training. The options are below-
  • A full and final payment through net banking.
  • A minimum of 20% token amount of the fees of the certification to book your slot and the rest can be paid at the day of the training.
Unfortunately, you will not be refunded the token amount, however you can postpone your date of training to the next convenient time that suits you and the amount will be taken forward.
The membership is mandatory. Its deducted every 40-45 days from your account.
Below are the reasons for the membership being mandatory-
  • As we have mentioned earlier, our music is made in house by founder of the program, Prabhuram. We have specified music for our program, which you will not get it outside.
  • The music is according to the format of the program which has been scientifically been designed after a lot of thought, hence it’s imperative to use the music we provide you.
  • Our PSI’S are bound by a contract not to put any video beyond 60 seconds. This is only to make sure the format is not revealed. Nothing on you tube is uploaded, only to make sure no uncertified instructors learn the program by looking at just the videos and then start teaching on their own, which could be harmful not only to the company but most importantly the end user, the clients.
  • Our PSI’S pay us a membership fees, if we or they upload videos of their class, they are creating trouble for themselves as there is no stopping, someone else to download and teach by seeing those same videos.
The certificate is valid lifetime, provided you keep paying the membership free and keep yourself updated of the programs through the song and audio sequences.
Yes, you absolutely can. Below are the details that you should watch out for while keeping the membership on hold-
  • If you have kept it on hold due to health reasons, it can be on hold for as long as you get back right on your feet, although we need valid documents regarding the same.
  • If you keep it on hold for more than 3 months, we will be taking your social media details from PSI Collectives and you will just have a photograph and your name displayed.
  • If you have not paid for 6 months, we will take away your photograph and just display your name on the PSI Collectives.
  • If you have not paid for an entire year, we will be taking you off the website and you will be receiving an official email from our side that you are no longer an instructor with us.

For Hosts / Gym and Studio Owners

Yes, you absolutely can. Below are the details that you should watch out for while keeping the membership on hold- If you want to host us in your city or the studio, do write to us on dig@thefsquad.com, alternatively you can connect with us on our facebook or instagram handle and we take it forward from there.