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Our program is the lovechild of a full-body-workout and the madness of dance. And true to its heritage, it is unapologetically cruel and punishing. It’s a stern mistress - it will drain you out and make you feel grateful for even being there. Your body will want to stop, your nerves will howl for mercy and you will go back home wasted.

Some of us are mad enough to enjoy that. We like it hot. We love the chase and the intrigue. If you’re like us, you won’t stop either. You’ll keep getting better. And when you break through that wall, you will realise that you’d been living a lie all along. The epiphany is classic. You suddenly feel alive – your mind stops bothering you and your body surrenders to your command. You can’t bring yourself to stop. And you don’t want to because once you taste it, you can’t go back. It’s the other side. A glimpse into eternity. You cross over and submit to it.

The weak quit early. For those that stay on, it’s an addiction; a fix – you wake up every day hungry, raving and hunting for more.

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We would love your feedback, especially if it’s negative. It keeps us in check and helps us in making our program better. Leave us a comment here if you’d like. :)

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